Bridging Science and Spirituality through Quantum Physics

It was 1987 when 1973 Nobel Prize in Physics awardee, Brian Jophenson wrote about the capacity of Quantum Physics to unify science and spirituality, but it is only today that we are slowly realizing the implications of his words.

For Jophenson, the limits we have set in Science represent the way we think, not the actual reality of life. He says, “It is largely the limitations on thinking that the current framework imposes that make it impossible to see that it is in fact quite a restricted framework for viewing nature as a whole.” While Jophenson acknowledges the value of reductionism, he believes that all the assumptions of “regular” science will fall apart when explored at the wave function which is the realm of quantum mechanics.

Reading through the entire article, it is clear that Jophenson believes that science needs to be conducted differently. In order for this to happen, he argues, researchers must go through a drastic shift in worldview. This is where the search for mystical knowledge, meditation in particular, can be of paramount importance. Jophenson says this of meditation: “The primary goal of meditation is not that of gaining intellectual knowledge capable of gaining through the experience a new kind of perception and understanding of reality that will transform the ways a person acts in life”.

One can then say that meditation is not just a way to relax or focus. It is also one way to create something new. Meditation helps us discover our inner programming and break the barriers that have been unconsciously created through our own socialization.

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