Lifebank Proposal Writing Workshop: An invitation to turn your dreams into a reality

22-24 November 2019

Lifebank Microfinance Foundation,
CBE Organic, Center for Bayanihan Economics, Angat, Bulacan

Many, especially young people, have the entrepreneurial, visionary, can-do spirit, not only in the economy but also in culture, and even making political systems work for Filipinos. These individuals are passionate about their vision for a better society and want to put this vision into action. However, they often have no money to turn the dreams into reality. So they end up pursuing 8am to 5pm jobs that have no real meaning for them except just to survive.

Does this sound like your situation? Are you one of those stuck in the routine of daily life feeling that life is just passing you by; depressed that you are not really doing the kind of work that you know you should be doing for society?

You can take action and stop this burning obstacle in your life. You are invited to join a unique Proposal Writing Workshop that can be the beginning of realizing your aspirations for a better world. This workshop is the inaugural workshop of the Nurturing Entrepreneurs for Society (NES) Project of Lifebank Microfinance Foundation (LBMF). NES seeks to nurture those who truly have a passion for creating a better country.

The workshop will walk participants through the proposal writing process for submission to Lifebank Microfinance Foundation (LBMF). This will include guidance on how to develop and write a Concept Proposal as well as a Detailed Proposal. You will learn the selection criteria of LBMF and the latter’s priority areas for funding. LBMF Resource Persons will answer all participant questions to increase the chances of success.

The Workshop facilitators will be Nicanor Perlas, Vice-Chairman of the LBMF, and Dinah Bohol, Vice-President for the Social and Sustainable Development Department of LBMF. Both, together with other Board members, are actively involved in processing proposal submissions to LBMF. Gerry van der Linden, Chairman of LBMF, will also be present to provide overview comments on the intentions of this LBMF project.

To demonstrate your commitment to your own ideals, invest P5000 to cover the costs of the accommodations and food, mostly vegetarian. A considerable amount of the food will be organic, directly and freshly harvested from CBE’s Certified Organic farm.

DISCLAIMER. The workshop will give you skills to write Project Proposals for LBMF and may also be useful for writing proposals for other foundations. However, attending this workshop does not guarantee approval of your project proposal by LBMF. Your proposal will need to align with the six focus areas of LBMF: Education, Health, Business Development, Sustainable Area Development/Good Governance, Sustainable Agriculture, and Innovations for Society. In addition, your proposal needs to be thoroughly thought-thru to ensure the success of project implementation.

We are already experiencing a high amount of interest in Project NES. Reservations will be on a First-Come-First-Serve basis.

For more information on and/or registration for the Workshop, kindly contact Berna Halongong, CBE Adminstrative/Finance Coordinator, at 0906-371-3312.

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