Cambridge-Trained Philosopher of Science Dr. Stephen Meyer Answers 10 Questions on Fine Tuning

Dr. Stephen Meyer, a philosopher of science, discusses the concept of fine-tuning in the universe, arguing for the existence of a transcendent intelligence as the best explanation. He critiques materialism and atheism, asserting that they fail to adequately explain the universe’s origin and intricacies. Meyer also addresses objections to fine-tuning, such as the universe’s inhospitality to life and the potential for different laws of physics and constants. He concludes that the evidence strongly points towards a theistic explanation.

Editor’s Note: Whoever said that there was no scientific evidence for the existence of a God has not truly investigated the data. This interview with Meyer is enlivening because it humanizes the sciences and gives meaning to our lives.

The belief that this earth was created by a divine power, especially to give a home to creatures like us, means that we were not just some random mistake of the universe. We are here for a reason, and science, when done right, can help us discover the true purpose of our existence.

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