The Art of Reframing Your Reality and Changing Your Life

Saturday, 9 AM – 12 PM


Most of the difficulties that we face in our lives and in our workplaces have to do with what kind of inner conversation we are having inside our minds regarding our view of the world as well as of ourselves. And most of the time, these crucial conversations are programmed into us and we automatically play them back to ourselves unconsciously. These habits of mind often makes us unfit to deal with life because all we ever see and understand about life are deeply conditioned as to how we have been told to think and behave by our parents, teachers, peers, and the media.

This seminar will show us how to recognize and uncover these unconscious scripts in ourselves and therefore allow us to truly manifest the lives that we long to have. And the key technique in achieving this is the act of “reframing” our reality, an act that corresponds to Stage 3 of the Lemniscate Process. We will take a close look at the findings of cognitive and positive psychology in helping us master the art of reframing. This technique has been shown to overcome depression in as little as a few months and for some, even a few weeks. And most important of all, it will enable us to overcome the many challenges that we face in our work life and in our relationships.


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