On Death and Dying

Saturday, 9 AM – 5 PM


Being human, death is always around the corner no matter what our age is. And when death comes, it often creates deep pain and major disruptions in one’s life. Yet, modern and more spiritually-oriented science shows that there is another way to look at and understand the dying process and ultimately death. Spiritual scientific epistemology is showing that human consciousness has two dimensions: one embodied in a physical body and another that is grounded in the spiritual processes underlying nature and human existence. Neuroscience is also showing that consciousness survives death. And thousands of cases of Near Death Experiences (NDEs) are clearly demonstrating that there is life after death.

What are the practical implications of these spiritual scientific developments? How do we handle the dying process of a loved one? How do we relate with them after death?  Because the eternal aspect of human consciousness is pervasive, is there a possibility of staying in touch with a loved one who has died?

Learn about the often-surprising and little-understood aspects of death and dying in this one-half day workshop with I-RISE. And enter a new world of relating to a dying or dead loved one.


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