The Lemniscate Process: Creating a New World by Being Fully Human

The world was aflame with the revolutionary ideas and demonstrations of the different social movements in the 1960s. These changed the landscape of world history. However these efforts were not enough to sustain the momentum of these radical changes longing for another world.

The I-RISE Logo

Our logo has many layers of meaning in it. The central layer is the symbol of the Lemniscate at the middle of the logo. The lemniscate symbolizes that we can only truly transform the world if we have the power of change ourselves. (Click here for more details on the lemniscate.) As has been said before, the heart of the revolution is the revolution of the heart.

Mystery of Consciousness: A Critique

In a workshop that the author facilitated in the Philippines, a group of young people shocked many of the participants. One of them in particular argued that there is no God, that our belief in God is just a program we were all made to believe, and that our consciousness is nothing but the product of firing of neurons in our brain…