Being Fully Human Through the Lemniscate Process

Saturday, 9 AM – 5 PM

We know there are so many possibilities within us. Yet somehow we cannot realize these potentials. We feel stuck. Yet for thousands of years, leading sages, philosophers, and scientists have discovered a way to unleash the tremendous power of the human spirit within us. A version of this approach is widely utilized by Hollywood to create blockbuster movies like the Avatar, Lord of the Rings, and others.

The I-RISE Lemniscate Process is yet another version of this approach. It takes the best from past approaches and adds recent discoveries in neuro-science, evolutionary biology, astrophysics, and philosophy to provide a deeper understanding of the process and to help strengthen and stabilize the newly emerging human in us.

Join us for this one-day workshop and see whole possibilities open up in your new inner and outer worlds.


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