Biography Workshop

Friday and Saturday, 9 AM – 5 PM, both days


Most of us are thrust into this world not knowing what we are doing here and what our purpose is. As a result, many of us live a life of meaninglessness, depression, confusion, and apathy. We do not know where to direct our energies.

Yet, with careful and systematic reflection, we begin to realize the hidden meaning in our life. We begin to discover the hidden language of events, relationships, people, and other things that enter our life.

The biography workshop begins with simple questions whose answers lead participants into surprising realms of existence and meaning. We also begin to discover who the Real Author is in our lives. And it is not who we normally think it is. And with this discover, we learn to distinguish between pseudo-purpose and real purpose in our life.

Plunge into the personal labyrinth of your life. And come out enlightened as to what really matters in your life and what you must now do to lead an existence worthy of the real nature of the human being.


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