On Love and Relationships

Saturday and Sunday, 9:00 AM – 5:00PM both days


I-RISE biography workshops reveal that love and relationships are responsible for most of the ups and downs in the life of the individual. Everyone wants to be in a caring loving relationship. Yet it seems to be most difficult thing to achieve in life. The large rate of divorce in marriages and breakups in partnerships give a glaring testimony to this fact. The constant requests for a workshop on this topic also reveal that most are puzzled and sometimes clueless in this aspect of their life.

What is real love and what are the different forms of love? What can astrophysics, evolutionary biology, psychology, philosophy and neuroscience contribute to answering this question? What is the essence of the feminine and the masculine type?  How does it differ from male and female gender? What can the science of embryology reveal about origin of the male and female sexes? How can we make our relationship not only better but also blossom? What would it take?

As with all I-RISE workshops, this will be a participatory workshop. Participants need not share the private and confidential details of their love life but the workshop can work on the level of generic experiences and principle.


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