Spiritual Activity, Freedom, Love and the Future of Humanity

Saturday and Sunday, 9 AM – 5 PM for both days


Rudolf Steiner (1861-1925), the remarkable spiritual scientist, philosopher, seer and inaugurator of global movements in education, agriculture, medicine, banking, art, and other areas of life engaging over 5 million people today, was asked a question. Of all your works (over 5000 lectures and writings collected in over 280 volumes of books), what would remain in the far distant future? Steiner answered, The Philosophy of Spiritual Activity, also translated as the Philosophy of Freedom. This book, despite its title, is not a book on Philosophy. Rather it is a training manual on achieving higher states of consciousness that lead to, among others, freedom, love, and conscious participation. (On the latter, see the description on the workshop on The Evolution of Human Consciousness.)

The current condition of our inner life and the state of the planet is a reflection of humanity’s failure to operate at the level of his/her spiritual consciousness. Instead we are awed by the advances of artificial intelligence, which is but just one facet of human consciousness that has been mechanized. And on the inside, we do not understand or let alone experience true freedom as we keep on mistaking our enslaved state of personal consciousness as the seat of our spirit. Without real freedom, we cannot love. And without love we cannot create a future that befits the dignity of the human spirit.


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