Taking Initiative: Fulfilling Your Purpose

Saturday, 9 AM – 5 PM


We are happy that we have found our purpose in life. But without action, without an initiative, that purpose, no matter how important, will remain but an empty dream. We have to be a “thou art”, someone who walks the talk.

Learn the rudiments of taking initiative. Know how to recalibrate your purpose so that your initiative will be aligned with the unfolding evolutionary potentials of the world. Understand the importance of this alignment. Inform your self about global cutting edge approaches of how to master your inner condition and to navigate the often-restrictive structures of the world in order to incarnate your initiative in the world. Appreciate the importance of moral technique.

If you already know about the details of prototyping, you may wish to enhance that knowledge with I-RISE’s perspective of how to take an initiative from the vantage point of scientific spiritual processes powering human action.

This workshop assumes that participants already know what their purpose is. For those who do not, they are encouraged to attend the Biography Workshop.


For more details kindly contact us at irise.co@protonmail.com.