The New Science and the Reality of Spirit

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Worldviews define the fate of civilizations and human existence. For thousands of years humanity had a spiritual worldview, albeit different in the diverse cultures of the world. In the 19th century, scientific materialism emerged with elemental force and defined the civilizational landscape of the 19th and 20th centuries. Modern and post-modern societies all have various strands of materialism as their driving power.

Materialism seems to be at its height today. However, in reality, materialism is losing ground, in almost all domains of human existence. A second, more spiritual, scientific and philosophical revolution started reclaiming sacred ground in such areas as physics, biology, linguistics, psychology, philosophy, astrophysics, and neuroscience.

But the struggle is not over. Scientific materialism has morphed into technological materialism and the survival of the human species itself is at stake.

What is the new scientific spirituality? Will it have the power to save human civilization and the planet from the technological Armageddon that is on the horizon? Will it give us a clue as to who we really are and what we have to do for our age? What are its implications for the different religions of the world?

I-RISE organizes lectures around the topic area of Science and Spirit. I-RISE also accepts invitations from other institutions, organizations, and networks to give lectures and seminars on this topic. This unique lectures and seminars address these and other burning questions of our time.

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