Vision, Mission, Goals


A world where people truly understand who they are and their spiritual nature and thus pursue their work for Planet Earth with passion and love.


To advance what it means to be truly human through a spiritual understanding of science and technology and embodying a lifestyle that reflects that understanding.


  1. Conduct research on the fundamental ground for the spiritualization of science and technology and their applications in selected strategic areas in life.
  2. Undertake a diverse range of educational activities that will awaken the truly human in all from the perspective of cutting edge spiritual science and technology.
  3. Reframe materialistic and egotistic consumerism to a pursuit of a lifestyle that supports the spiritual development of the individual and the needs of other diverse forms of Life on the Planet.
  4. Empower millennials to recognize their real contributions to the future of the planet and strengthen their capacity to bring this insight into actual manifestation in the world.
  5. Network with other like-minded individuals and institutions, national and globally, to advance the spiritual transformation of science and technology.
  6. To create a community or movement of committed citizens who seek for higher development and are willing to create change in the world through a deep and conscious connection with Divine Creator of human beings.
  7. To encourage a deeper understanding of the historical and present mission and activity of the Christ in the light of 21st century science.