The Physics of Spirituality

Nassim Haramein and Vishen Lakshani discuss the potential of controlling gravity, leading to flying cars and space travel. Haramein suggests that within 10 years, we could control gravity to some extent, revolutionizing transportation and potentially colonizing distant stars. They also explore the concept of particles entangling and forming micro wormholes, […]

David Lorimer on Challenging the Assumptions of Western Science

In this interview, David Lorimer discusses the intersection of science, spirituality, and consciousness, highlighting the importance of evidence-based knowledge. It critiques the weaponization of terms like “pseudoscience” and the cultural policing in fields like parapsychology and complementary medicine. The conversation emphasizes the need for open-mindedness, humility, and respect for diverse […]

Dr. Joe Dispenza: Change Your Reality, Feel It Until You Manifest It

Dr. Joe Dispenza speaks about the power of thoughts, emotions, and intentions in shaping our reality. He explains that our thoughts and feelings can influence our perception of reality, as well as our physical health. Our brain can rewire itself based on our thoughts and experiences, a phenomenon known as […]

Why do we dream?

In this article for the Scientific American, Roberta McLain interviews David Eagleman, a neuroscientist at Stanford University to attempt to explain why humans dream. Eagleman gives a materialistic explanation. He says that dreaming is a way for the brain’s visual cortex to prevent other sensory functions from taking over. Editor’s […]

A Call To Liberate The Humanities From Materialism

In this article for the Paradigm Explorer published last March 2021, Dr. Athena Potari issues the call to liberate the humanities from the mechanistic, materialistic, and instrumental worldview that has dominated the natural sciences. Potari contends that this worldview “destroys the very ground of rational thought, free will, meaning, purpose, […]

Galileo Report: Moving Towards an Expanded Science

The following is a 132-page report published by the Science and Medical Network (SMN) in 2019. It discusses the limitations and the various crises being experienced by materialist science. The report offers a clear role for consciousness in the future of science, which could open new avenues and possibilities for […]

Our Role In A World In Transition

In this September 29, 2023 article for The Pulse, Joe Martino reflects on the 2000 Hopi Prophecy highlighting the power of the individual to change his society. Martino highlights the idea that individuals have the power to bring about positive change and that they should not wait for others to […]

Interrogating and Shaping the World Through Science

In this conversation, Ainissa Ramirez discusses the impact of science on shaping and understanding the world. Ramirez emphasizes the importance of asking questions, exploring the unknown, and the profound influence of science on human progress and innovation. The conversation delves into the role of curiosity and the scientific method […]

When Einstein Met Tagore: A Discussion on the Edge of Science and Spirituality

The article features a short excerpt of the discussion in the historic meeting between Albert Einstein, the renowned physicist, and Rabindranath Tagore, the Nobel laureate poet, philosopher, and musician. Their meeting took place in 1930 and explored topics related to science, philosophy, and the nature of reality. Einstein held a […]

Can Cells Think?

The following is an 8-minute video featuring Michael Levin, a developmental biologist at Tufts University. In this video, Levin explores the idea of whether cells possess a form of intelligence or the ability to “think.” He goes on to break down the concept of cellular decision-making and how cells respond […]