I-Rise Ressurects And Responds To Global Reset 

I-RISE has been inactive and silent for the past years. The Covid scamdemic took a toll on our focus and limited resources. Given the massive reset of the world that has been and is still taking place, I-RISE decided to focus on and do a deep dive into the Covid issue. 

After three years, close to two thousand articles, over a hundred videos later, and prolonged protests and challenges at the Supreme Court,  we have clearly demonstrated the depth of the fraud and control that a global cabal has imposed on humanity.  

See here for details on this reality. It is an article on how to navigate the website of Covid Call to Humaniy (CCH), our sister organization, to understand the layers of lies, deceit, and control involved with the totalitarian imposition of the Covid scamdemic on humanity.  

We will continue to cover Covid-related issues at the CCH website especially since the New World Order is rolling out a new round of Covid lockdowns and vaccinations. However, it is also important to focus on how humanity can move forward and creatively respond to this unprecedented challenge on humanity. 

We all need to realize that, amidst the tyrannical rollout of the Great Reset, there is also a Great Awakening happening all over the world. Human beings are awakening to the peril that humanity faces as the New World Order destroys free speech, human rights, and democracy, all in pursuit of destroying the human spirit. 

However, this Great Awakening is nebulous and its narratives are scattered in many directions. We need to understand that there are key central facets to the Great Awakening that, if understood, can further hasten global resistance to the psychopathic agenda of the New World Order. 

Here are some of the key elements of the Great Awakening that we will cover in forthcoming articles and videos of I-RISE:

  • The Lemniscate Process and how humans can awaken to their highest potentials amidst adversity.
  • How humans can develop the courage to take a principled and creative response to the challenge of the Great Reset.
  • Inspiring and shining examples, in various domains of society, of how humanity is overcoming the Great Reset. 
  • How self-transformation leads to an amazing and powerful activity of our immune systems, making us all better prepared to deal with the pandemic attacks of the New World Order.
  • A deep dive into a second and more spiritual scientific revolution that is now taking place in dozens of scientific disciplines and how these developments implode the pseudo-scientific justifications of the New World Order. 
  •  The emergence of networks of prestigious post-materialist scientists as materialistic science increasingly collapses and proves itself one-sided. 
  • The emergence of Spiritual Science, a third scientific revolution, and how this presents a profound and devasting challenge to the post-human or transhumanist agenda of the New World Order.
  • New innovations in good governance, including societal and threefolding governance, promise to restore and advance democracies the world over.
  • A deeper understanding that the Great Reset is really Evil incarnate and why spirituality is no longer a lifestyle choice but an urgent necessity for humanity to survive into the future. 

Stay tuned and join us in unraveling very inspiring and hopeful narratives that tend to be clouded by all the focus on the current destruction that the New World Order is imposing on the world. While the latter is important, it can depress our creative powers and prevent us from properly understanding and responding to the collapse of humanity that is currently taking place. Only when we have a clear vision of alternative realities and possibilities can we all survive and flourish amidst the Great Reset! Without vision, the world will perish. 

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