There is evidence that humans are still evolving

Evolution is just a topic we discuss in school. It happened many millions of years ago, but it is no longer happening now. Or so we thought.

This article published by Popular Science in 2017 summarizes the genetic study involving 215,000 subjects which showed that there are 8 million mutations in the genes of humans happening today. It showed that humans are slowly purging DNA which causes diseases such as Alzheimer’s. The researchers that the viability of human life is getting better as our own bodies are changing and improving constantly.

Why it matters

Our bodies are programmed to take in only that which will help improve their viability to survive. We evolve, constantly, though in smaller proportions. Perhaps evolution is slow because it all happens unconsciously. Now imagine if we become conscious of this physical capacity, and our brains and minds become a part of the process. What kind of evolution can we create in ourselves?

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