Is there life after death?

Is there life after death?

Research conducted at crash room hospitals in the US, UK, and Austria shows that “life after death” is possible.

In 2008, several doctors led by Dr. Sam Pernia began a research that hoped to provide a scientific understanding of out-of-body experiences of crash room patients. Six years after, in 2014, results were finally published in the Resuscitation Journal. Methods used in the study was described by Dr. Pernia in an interview with Anna Bruce-Lockhart.

Some Important Findings

  • Of the 360 people revived after experiencing cardiac arrest, about 40% had some sort of awareness during the period when they were declared clinically dead.
  • One man had a memory of what was happening around him in the three minutes he had no heartbeat.
  • It is possible that other patients could not remember their experiences due to brain injury or as an after-effect of medicines administered.

Why It Matters

When a person’s heart stops beating, he stops breathing, and 20 to 30 seconds after, his brain ceases functioning. An hour after, irreversible brain damage sets in, and death is irreversible. And yet, results of Dr. Pernia’s studies show us that perhaps a brief version of “life after death” is possible.

All the NDE experiences recorded over the years are anecdotal. We don’t know the actual physical state of the patient when they had the NDE. But the 2008 study headed by Dr. Pernia is scientific. It is observable and repeatable. Though the research could not say how long this “awareness” after death lasts, the results show that our current views about the mind and consciousness need to be re-examined.

Could the results of this study be an indication of the eternal nature of the human soul? To read the scientific study, visit the Resuscitation Journal.

We used to think dying was black-and white, ‘bang-bang, you’re dead’…Dying is a huge gray area. It is actually a shockingly gradual process that plays out over hours.

Dr. Stephan Mayer
Director, Institute for Critical Care and Medicine
at Mount Sinai’s Icahn School of Medicine

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