Flow Consciousness: How CEOs, professional athletes, professors reframe their interpretation of reality

The article discusses a “brain hack” technique to change one’s perception of reality. It suggests that by altering how we interpret experiences, we can change our emotional responses.

The method, called as Flow Consciousness is “a new operating system for our consciousness”, says Justin Faerman, cofounder of the Flow of Consciousness Institute. Faerman describes the method in this way: “[it] is really a set of internal and external shifts that people need to make in order to shift their trajectory in life from one of struggle and suffering and hardship toward more of an effortless, nonlinear, intuition-based way of operating”.

Editor’s Note: What is intuition and how does one harness it? This is one of the topics we would like to discuss in future articles on this website. For now, we encourage you to read the article below to discover how you can change your beliefs, and in the process, change your reality.

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