Is Consciousness Part of the Fabric of the Universe?

In this September 25, 2023 article for Scientific American, Dan Falk explores the idea of whether consciousness is an inherent part of the universe’s fabric. It delves into the theories of some physicists and neuroscientists who suggest that consciousness might be a fundamental element of the cosmos, much like space and time. These theories challenge conventional notions of consciousness as a product of the brain and propose that it could exist independently. The article discusses various perspectives on this topic and highlights the ongoing debate in the scientific community about the nature and origin of consciousness.

Editor’s Note: Questions appearing in mainstream scientific circles are proof that even those who are deep in materialism are actually thinking about the patterns of the universe and their inability to replicate them despite the advanced technologies they have created.

In future articles, we hope to show you that indeed, our universe has been created by a consciousness that is too vast for our tiny human minds to understand.

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