Study: Humans Can Communicate Telepathically

The article discusses the possibility of meaningful shifts in human consciousness and presents predictions made by philosopher Bernardo Kastrup. Kastrup suggests that within the next 20 years, three significant revolutions in understanding reality may occur:

  1. Official recognition of non-human intelligence (NHI) throughout human history, possibly related to concepts of Oneness and universal consciousness.
  2. Rejection of physicalism in favor of idealism, where the world is viewed as a set of perceptions within individual awareness.
  3. A new understanding of time could change how we perceive the past, future, birth, and death, potentially leading to a focus on the present moment.

The article explores these ideas, highlighting the potential implications of such shifts in consciousness and the challenges humanity may face in the coming years, including environmental and geopolitical threats.

Editor’s Note: How far away are we from this transformation of consciousness predicted by Kastrup? Based on what is happening globally, one may say that we are in the middle of this transformation. One side is fighting to prevent the old consciousness, materialism, from disintegrating. Meanwhile, we see the resurgence of what was once called the “new age”, this time, backed by the new sciences of astrophysics, quantum physics, new biology, and consciousness studies, among others.

Our existence is about to undergo a transformational shift, and we are waiting with bated breath for the magnificence that will be revealed.

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