What is Social Threefolding and Why Is It Integral In Today’s Society?

In this 2023 journal article, Matthew David Segall looks at Rudolf Steiner’s proposal for the three-folding of society and its relevance in today’s world.

The three-folding concept differentiates economic, political, and cultural domains to promote clarity and healthy development in each area. The article argues that such differentiation can help address the social conflicts that divide humanity. Segall emphasizes the importance of cultivating collective will and moral imagination to address contemporary challenges. Rudolf Steiner’s ideas provide an alternative to the shortcomings of socialism, liberalism, and the resurgence of fascism. The article also highlights the need for individuals to actively engage in shaping a healthier society based on ethical intuitions and genuine solidarity.

Editor’s Note: The only way we can enliven our modern society is if each individual discovers their place in the world and if the unique needs of culture, the heart of our societies, are used to inform the actions of decision-makers and authorities. Only when we all appreciate our shared origin and destiny, will we appreciate our individual journey.

This article is an attempt at creating a balance in society – a reminder of the unique purpose each individual and institution has in pushing evolution forward.

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