The Road Not Taken: Human Freedom and Enlightenment

In this March 8, 2024 article, Dr. Vera Porter explores the significance of human thought and choice in shaping one’s life, emphasizing the importance of critical thinking and free will. It contrasts material science with spiritual science, suggesting that humanity’s understanding has been limited by a focus on the material world.

The article also touches on the idea that a small group of powerful individuals manipulate various aspects of society, including education, media, and finance, to maintain control over the population. This manipulation is seen as hindering human potential and creative thought. The article concludes by acknowledging advancements made despite these controls, such as in free energy and energy medicine, though not without challenges.

Editor’s Note: The various challenges we are experiencing in our societies today are forcing us to make a decision: Are we going to continue down this path of materialism, or will we seek a future that is free from the prison we have created for ourselves?

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