Deepak Chopra On the Role of Consciousness in Scientific Inquiry

The article presents an interview with Deepak Chopra, a renowned author, speaker, and advocate for holistic well-being. In the interview, Chopra discusses his perspective on the interconnectedness of consciousness, spirituality, and the universe. He explores the idea that humans are not separate from the universe but rather integral parts of it, emphasizing the importance of recognizing our interconnectedness with all living beings and the cosmos.

Chopra also delves into topics such as quantum physics, the nature of reality, and the integral role of consciousness scientific inquiry. He says that materialist science has failed to answer the fundamental questions: (1) What is the universe made of? (2) What’s the biological basis of consciousness? (3) How did language come into existence?

Editor’s Note: For a materialist scientist who believes that reality is limited to what can be observed by the senses, acknowledging that consciousness has a role to play in creation is like accepting that they have been doing science wrong. Very few are willing to do it because it would open science to the mysterious and the mystical.

It is fear that pushes the materialist to reject consciousness in science because it would shatter the myth about humanity’s capacity to control and dominate nature. It will require the scientist to venture into areas unknown.

It is this fear that has led mainstream science into a deadlock. They say that everything we have to know about life has already been unraveled by science. But the reality is that we still do not know how to create cells read Organic Chemist, James Tour Says The Origin Of Life Has Not Been Explained By Science and xx]. We do not yet understand the power of the human mind [see Study: Humans Can Communicate Telepathically, Is there life after death?, The Global Coherence Initiative: Measuring interconnections among people, animals, and nature, Mystery of Consciousness: A Critique].

A scientist who dismisses consciousness in scientific inquiry is misguided and arrogant. [Many scientists have expanded their points of view, see Galileo Report: Moving Towards an Expanded Science and A Call To Liberate The Humanities From Materialism].

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