James Tour Challenges Leading Researchers To Show Chemical Proof of Origin of Life

In this 24-minute video, James Tour issues a challenge to Origin-of-Life (OoL) researchers: show how life can be created through the chemical conditions of the early Earth. Tour frames his challenge into five questions. He says that if any of the OoL researchers he called on can answer just one of his questions, he will throw in the towel and accept that indeed, OoL research has finally cracked the code of life.

Tour issued this challenge in August 2023. 60 days after his challenge, not a single one of the OoL researchers he named dared to debunk Tour’s claims. In a follow-up video, Tour says, “The entire area of Origin-of-Life is an absolute scam”.

Editor’s Note: Despite all the resources that have been poured into OoL research, even if various researchers are claiming that we have already “unraveled” all the mysteries of nature, no scientist has been able to create a single cell from scratch. The very “code” that tells chemicals to assemble and create a living cell does not exist in the molecules of the chemicals themselves. How can life then be a random occurrence? [Read Organic Chemist, James Tour Says The Origin Of Life Has Not Been Explained By Science].

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