David Lorimer on Challenging the Assumptions of Western Science

In this interview, David Lorimer discusses the intersection of science, spirituality, and consciousness, highlighting the importance of evidence-based knowledge. It critiques the weaponization of terms like “pseudoscience” and the cultural policing in fields like parapsychology and complementary medicine. The conversation emphasizes the need for open-mindedness, humility, and respect for diverse perspectives in scientific discourse.

This video runs for two hours, but here are time stamps to help you navigate the discussion.

  • Challenging assumptions in Western science. 0:00
  • The nature of consciousness and the limits of materialism. 4:28
  • Using analogies to understand complex concepts. 12:25
  • Consciousness, emergence, and the limits of reductionism. 19
  • Laws of nature and consciousness. 26:24
  • The nature of science and knowledge. 32:17
  • The interconnectedness of all things. 37:35
  • The nature of reality, consciousness, and purpose in physics and cosmology. 44:26
  • Memories, birthmarks, and the soul as a field. 51:34
  • The nature of consciousness and memories. 58:27
  • Psychic phenomena and its scientific research. 1:04:40
  • Scientific inquiry and the limits of knowledge. 1:10:13
  • Limits of Western science and its assumptions. 1:13:58
  • Consciousness research beyond the brain. 1:21:34
  • Validating subjective experiences in science. 1:26:08
  • Reconciling science and spirituality. 1:31:03
  • Science and spirituality, limits of science, and appropriation of scientific discoveries. 1:38:10
  • Limits of science and consciousness studies. 1:42:35
  • Bridging science and spirituality. 1:50:23
  • Life, wisdom, and the pursuit of knowledge. 2:00:09

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