The Physics of Spirituality

Nassim Haramein and Vishen Lakshani discuss the potential of controlling gravity, leading to flying cars and space travel. Haramein suggests that within 10 years, we could control gravity to some extent, revolutionizing transportation and potentially colonizing distant stars. They also explore the concept of particles entangling and forming micro wormholes, suggesting that teleportation could be possible. Haramein proposes that our bodies are constantly deconstructing and reconstructing themselves, implying potential for self-healing and physical alteration.


  • Connection, consciousness, and energy in the universe.0:00
    • Consciousness and connection are central themes in the conversation between Nassim Haramein and Vishen Lakshani.
    • Haramein discovers that the space between things is not empty but full of energy and information, connecting all things holographically.
    • Researchers have discovered way to harness energy from “zero-point” space to power humanity for millions of years.
  • Zero-point energy, consciousness, and the interconnectedness of the universe.5:38
    • Researcher claims to have found a relationship between zero-point energy and consciousness, with predictions confirmed in experimental studies.
    • Haramein discusses the unification of physics, chemistry, and biology, suggesting that these fields are interconnected and that understanding this connection can lead to a deeper understanding of reality.
    • Haramein and Lakshani explore the concept of consciousness, with Speaker 1 arguing that consciousness is fundamental to reality and that it is related to the zero-point field.
    • Haramein explains how the universe is becoming more conscious through the exchange of information in a holographic equation, challenging the concept of time.
  • Consciousness, space, and intuition.13:33
    • Memory is stored in the structure of space, not just in the brain.
    • Consciousness is a feedback loop of individual perspectives, organizing the universe into unique expressions of Universal Consciousness.
    • Haramein explains that consciousness is not separate from the structure of space, but rather an extension of it, and that individuals can tap into this consciousness through self-awareness and “vacuum engineering.”
  • Consciousness, AI, and the nature of intelligence.19:37
    • Haramein explains the interconnectedness of all things, including the universe and the self.
    • Experts debate whether consciousness can be equated with God, citing limitations in understanding physics and mathematics.
    • Haramein argues that consciousness is not artificial and cannot be replicated through external devices, but will emerge when we learn to tap into a fundamental field of information.
  • Using plasma to control gravity and colonize space.26:53
    • Elon Musk and a panel of scientists discuss using plasma to control gravity for space travel.
    • Haramein predicts gravity control technology will enable space colonization within 10 years.
  • Controlling gravity and its potential impact on humanity.31:35
    • Inventor believes controlling gravity within 10 years could allow humans to fly, remove roads, and give Earth back to nature.
    • Haramein: Particles are not just in a vacuum, but interact with a field, leading to energy extraction and gravitational control (30 words)
    • Lakshani: Innovation between 2016 and 2022 will be exponential, with as much progress as between 19 102,000 (29 words)
  • Colonizing distant stars and warp drives.37:11
    • Haramein discusses the potential for human colonization of distant stars, including the challenges of opening wormholes and tapping into zero-point energy.
    • Haramein and Lakshani discuss NASA’s work on warp drives and entangled particles, with Haramein explaining that entangled particles can be used to teleport objects across space instantly, without any delay.
    • Haramein provides examples of how entangled particles can be used to modify the spin of a proton, regardless of the distance between them, and how this technology is still emerging and being developed.
  • Quantum entanglement and wormholes.42:14
    • Haramein proposes using wormholes to travel through space, potentially implying teleportation.
    • Haramein explains that the concept of teleportation is complex and involves deconstructing and reconstructing information in the structure of space.
    • Lakshani raises the idea of bringing people back from the dead by recreating their information, but Speaker 1 clarifies that this is not possible.
    • Haramein: Hand moving = Earth spinning + solar velocity + galaxy orbit + superwall velocity = undoing/redoing itself at plank time intervals.
    • Lakshani: Bodies deconstruct/reconstruct at plank time intervals, the universe does the same at a larger scale.
  • Consciousness and reality with a physicist.49:34
    • Haramein discusses the potential for consciousness to control the body’s healing processes, citing examples of spontaneous remission and the placebo effect.

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