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Switching on Compassion

“I prefer a government run like hell by Filipinos…” – Manuel Quezon

Look, Quezon got his wish. We have a government run like hell! And the end of hell is nowhere in sight.

The Philippines has been facing different kinds of hell for as long as I can remember. But I personally have not yet felt this level of pain and fear for the country.

Duterte administration has been very explicit with its ‘War on drugs.’ Although drugs may be one of the problematic areas in the country, I strongly feel that this war has gone too far. 

A death of a 17-year-old boy, Kian Delos Santos have recently spark outrage among Filipinos. 2 shots in the ear, 1 at the back killed Kian. “First at the inside of the ear and second at the back of the left ear. Third entry at the back of the body of Kian,” said PAO chief Acosta. Although Kian could not cry anymore for help, his wounds speak for itself. There were reports that said Kian was shot while lying down. The killing was intentional.

Do We Really Care About the Demise of Our Democracy?

Recently, I received a flurry of text messages and calls from my friends. They were upset by the decision of the Congressional Commission on Appointments (CA) to reject Ms. Gina Lopez as Secretary of the Department of Environment and Natural Resources of the Philippine Government. Lopez is considered by tens of thousands to be one of the best public servants of the Duterte Administration.

I-RISE In Service of the Resurrection Force for Humanity

Today, Easter Sunday, marks the celebration of the resurrection of Christ from the dead. This is momentous event for the billions of Christians around the world. The Christian world celebrates the victory of Christ over the force of death in the universe. Without this singular event, the Christian faith would have no meaning.

This event is not just a momentary event performed by an extraordinary Divine Being. It is also an event that has profound implications for the evolution of human civilizations in the entire planet.

The Cosmic Christ and Human Solidarity

For a young person starting to be conscious of the larger world around him today, the global picture of Christianity today is both puzzling and confusing. And the same can be said of adults. This confusion and the resulting depression are leading to an increase in suicide rates, drug abuse, and mindless hyper consumerism, among others.

On the one hand, we have the so-called new atheists who have launched an all-out attack on Christianity. This is exemplified in such works as Richard Dawkins, The God Delusion, Christopher Hitchens, god is not great, and Sam Harris, The End of Faith.

The I-RISE Logo

Our logo has many layers of meaning in it. The central layer is the symbol of the Lemniscate at the middle of the logo. The lemniscate symbolizes that we can only truly transform the world if we have the power of change ourselves. (Click here for more details on the lemniscate.) As has been said before, the heart of the revolution is the revolution of the heart.

Mystery of Consciousness: A Critique

In a workshop that the author facilitated in the Philippines, a group of young people shocked many of the participants. One of them in particular argued that there is no God, that our belief in God is just a program we were all made to believe, and that our consciousness is nothing but the product of firing of neurons in our brain…