The I-RISE Logo

Our logo has many layers of meaning in it. The central layer is the symbol of the Lemniscate at the middle of the logo. The lemniscate symbolizes that we can only truly transform the world if we have the power of change ourselves. (Click here for more details about the lemniscate.) As has been said before, the heart of the revolution is the revolution of the heart.

Once we successfully undertake this inner journey of transformation, an inner power arises in us. This is inner power is the life-shaking discovery of our True Self, our true Identity. This is symbolized in the leaf at the middle of the lemniscate.

The red portion of the leaf is the symbol of our True Self. Red represents the fiery will nature of our True Self, its power to create new possibilities, new initiatives, new relationships, new meaning, and ultimately new worlds.

The green portion of the leaf symbolizes the living, creative nature of the True Self. It gives life to all it touches. Our old dysfunctional worldviews and habits are replaced by new and more vital ones that are capable of breathing new life into any situation or circumstances in life.

Thus when the I RISE(S), the golden yellow color arises in the world. It represents not only the sun-like nature of our True or Authentic Self. The golden yellow is a symbol of the cascading societal structural transformations that are occurring in the world on the basis of our transformed self.

Taken as a whole, when our I-RISE(S), a new world can now be born, a world that has the power to bring a spiritual scientific understanding of the nature of reality and ourselves, out of which greater justice and love can flow and flourish in the world. As a result, poverty is dramatically reduced and even eradicated, planetary ecosystems flourish, and societies provide a better context for the emergence of true freedom, love, and prosperity in the world. And humans can become who they need to truly be, a microcosm of the entire universe.

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