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I-RISE In Service of the Resurrection Force for Humanity

Today, Easter Sunday, marks the celebration of the resurrection of Christ from the dead. This is momentous event for the billions of Christians around the world. The Christian world celebrates the victory of Christ over the force of death in the universe. Without this singular event, the Christian faith would have no meaning.

This event is not just a momentary event performed by an extraordinary Divine Being. It is also an event that has profound implications for the evolution of human civilizations in the entire planet.

The I-RISE Logo

Our logo has many layers of meaning in it. The central layer is the symbol of the Lemniscate at the middle of the logo. The lemniscate symbolizes that we can only truly transform the world if we have the power of change ourselves. (Click here for more details on the lemniscate.) As has been said before, the heart of the revolution is the revolution of the heart.