How is Physics and Psychology Related?

In 2013, researchers Diogo Valadas Ponte and Lothar Schafer published a mind-blowing research that concluded: “The evolution of life now appears no longer as a process of the adaptation of species to their environment but as the adaptation of minds in increasing forms that exist in the cosmic potentiality”. In simple terms,  our future as a species depends on our capacity to decipher the change patterns that exist in nature. That there is a cosmic mind and the human mind, as a small part of it, has the capacity to understand the potentialities that exist in the universe.

This, Ponte and Schafer say, is the reason why fundamental truths about how the world works appear in the minds of the greatest people through various generations, though often expressed in different terms, are in essence, all the same. Much of the truths discovered during Plato’s time have been repeated and improved over the ages, as if waiting for the right moment, when adequate knowledge and appropriate technologies are available, to be proven right.

Using Carl Gustav Jung’s framework for studying the human psyche, Ponte and Schafer move on to say that the very foundations of the physical universe are non-physical, and the universe has mindlike properties. Quantum physics has enabled the resurgence of mysticism, only this time, the methodologies are more advanced, with the findings, easily verifiable.

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