The connection between your mind and your heart

Thanks to the researches in quantum physics, we now know that our bodies are not filled with simple “things” like atoms and electrons. We are but energy fields, and as such, are affected by the energies in our environment. In the same way. we have the capacity to reconfigure the energy around us, into something that benefits our hearts, and realities.

In this video with Greg Braden, he explains in simple language the connection between the heart and the brain, why the heart is at the center of our realities. He also expounds how our thoughts and emotions can affect the “field” or the matrix of non-conventional energy. Braden also explains how the conventional view of science has led to problems in our societies.

Why It Matters

In many schools in the Philippines, children are still taught that the heart is a pump. But this information has been debunked for many years. In fact, much of the science we use in the country is already obsolete.

As a heart-based peoples, Greg Braden’s explanation on the mind-heart connection explains why it pays to “follow your heart”.

…our science has been based in the belief that everything is separate from everything else, what happens in one place does not have any effect on another place. And now we know that these two assumptions are flat wrong.

Greg Braden

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