The Global Coherence Initiative: Measuring interconnections among people, animals, and nature

What is it that enables human beings to “be one with the world”? How does our own consciousness as human beings affect our social realities? How can we help change our institutions without needing to go through another bloody revolution? The Global Coherence Initiative believes that the key to such change lies in the human body.

The Global Coherence Initiative (GCI) is a network of individuals and institutions which scientifically studies the interconnectedness of human health and behavior, and the magnetic fields generated by the sun and the earth. Its research is guided by four important hypotheses:

  1. Human and animal health, as well as our thinking, feeling, and willing capacities are affected by magnetic fields emitted by the sun, the earth, and other earth-related bodies.
  2. The earth’s magnetic field offers a clue to the biology and patterns of all living systems.
  3. Every individual contributes to the global information field.
  4. Our collective consciousness affects the global information field.

Why it Matters

The science behind the GCI not only shows us proof that all of nature is interconnected. It also provides us a path towards changing the worldly systems that causes suffering to all living systems on Earth.

Are you dreaming of a world where all human beings are treated equally? Of an economic system that nurtures nature and the dignity of humans? Of a political system that focuses on peace, love, and justice? The GCI shows us that there is a heart-centered path for change.

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The scientific community is beginning to appreciate and understand at the deeper level how we are all interconnected with and affected by the magnetic fields generated by the sun and earth. Every cell in our bodies is bathed in an external and internal environment of fluctuating invisible magnetic forces.

The Global Coherence initiative

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