A New World View Is Changing The Earth

In this blog article, Collective Evolution founder Joe Martino talks about how the concept of interconnection, previously a worldview associated only with indigenous peoples, is making its way to Western culture and mainstream thinking.

He says that the science of quantum entanglement has paved the way for the popularization of this worldview, and it is changing how communities interact with each other.

Editor’s Note: Though this worldview is becoming mainstream in Western societies, it is still considered an “esoteric” fact in developing societies, which is ironic, seeing that a majority of us Asians actually have an inner experience of what interconnectedness means.

It is also an irony that more and more people in our societies are feeling alone (as evidenced by the rising number of people struggling with depression and other mental health problems), when our culture is VERY social. Could this be the effect of the constant noise barrage from social media and other forms of entertainment?

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