Emotionally Drained? Here’s One Method You Can Use To Neutralize Your Emotionally Draining Reactions

This article by Joe Martino of Collective Evolution discusses a proven technique for managing and neutralizing draining emotional reactions. It explores the idea that emotions can be influenced by our thoughts and beliefs and suggests a method called that utilizes heart-focused breathing to address and alleviate negative emotions.

Editor’s Note: This article is particularly important for us in these stressful times. This technique should be taught in schools, in order to provide children with a tool for managing their emotions. [Many children today are suffering from various mental health problems, see New Study: Lockdowns negatively affect mental health of teens, Japan is experiencing a mental health epidemic. This is a better solution for young people, compared to a chatbot, see TEMPORARY FIX: WOEBOT AS A MENTAL HEALTHCARE TREATMENT].

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