A Call To Liberate The Humanities From Materialism

In this article for the Paradigm Explorer published last March 2021, Dr. Athena Potari issues the call to liberate the humanities from the mechanistic, materialistic, and instrumental worldview that has dominated the natural sciences. Potari contends that this worldview “destroys the very ground of rational thought, free will, meaning, purpose, value, and moral responsibility”.

Potari adds that Rennaissance in the Humanities is crucial. She says, “This critical and creative re-examination of the Humanities’ central assumptions will also allow them to embody more authentically the principles of academic freedom, diversity, non-discrimination, equality, open-mindedness and innovative spirit that, since its beginnings, form its core foundational values.

Editor’s Note: A change towards a post-materialist point of view must pervade all studies that involve humans and the societies we create. This is the only way we will have the will, strength, and courage to pave the way forward.

Our children are already suffering due to a lack of meaning (for why would anyone want to strive to improve our estate if we are predetermined by the matter?). Do we want future generations to become stuck in the materialist world, when it is counter to everything we have experienced in our lives?

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