Galileo Report: Moving Towards an Expanded Science

The following is a 132-page report published by the Science and Medical Network (SMN) in 2019. It discusses the limitations and the various crises being experienced by materialist science. The report offers a clear role for consciousness in the future of science, which could open new avenues and possibilities for research. Dr. Peter Fenwick, who wrote the preface of the report said, “Having a science which is limited only to material things ignores a whole spectrum of human experience. It is destructive because it does not take into account the fundamental nature of the human, conscious being.”

The Galileo Commission is a project of SMN and is represented by a group of over 90 scientific advisers affiliated with 30 universities worldwide.

Editor’s Note: Our “modern” world is dominated by a science that is centuries old. Materialist scientists continue to believe that this world is entirely made up of matter, and that its hidden rules are discoverable by simple observation, despite the failure of the multi-million dollar Human Genome Project to discover all the material basis for human diversity [Read this article from our sister site, THE PROBLEM WITH THE HUMAN GENOME PROJECT].

They refuse to look at the other facts that have been uncovered by real scientific research: that there is energy in everything, and that this energy can be shaped by the power of our consciousness [also read IS CONSCIOUSNESS CREATING REALITY?, HOW THE STATE OF CONSCIOUSNESS CAN CHANGE OUR MATERIAL REALITY, THE QUEST TO PROVE THAT CONSCIOUSNESS AFFECTS THE PHYSICAL WORLD. Also read WHY MATERIALISM CANNOT EXPLAIN CONSCIOUSNESS].

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