Organic Chemist, James Tour Says The Origin Of Life Has Not Been Explained By Science

James Tour, an organic chemist, asserts that science has not yet explained the origin of life. He argues that the creation and assembly of life’s necessary molecules, such as amino acids, carbohydrates, lipids, and nucleic acids, are complex processes that have not been replicated in prebiotic conditions. He further contends that time is not a solution, as organic synthesis often results in the degradation of chemicals over time. Tour criticizes the idea that unknown laws could dictate the origin of life, stating that it would require an improbable series of laws to create and assemble the necessary molecules. He concludes that understanding the origin of life is becoming more challenging as we learn more about cellular complexity.

Editor’s Note: If science has not yet been able to explain how life started, then why do they think they can create inorganic life? Tour’s interview clearly shows how mainstream science has been tightly controlled by materialists who do not want the world to see that reductionism is passe. They may try to control the information, but there is no controlling the truth.

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