The Science of Intentionality: Why It Is Important To Dream of A Better Future

The following article discusses the interconnectedness between intention and synchronicity. It discusses how individuals’ intentions can influence the occurrence of meaningful coincidences in their lives.

Drawing from Jungian psychology and quantum theory, the author proposes that intention sets the stage for synchronistic events to unfold, highlighting the role of consciousness in shaping reality. The article encourages readers to cultivate awareness of their intentions and remain open to the synchronicities that emerge, suggesting that these experiences can offer insights and guidance in navigating life’s journey.

Editor’s Note: One of the more striking statements in the article says that “humans are evolutionarily equipped to imagine the possibilities of the future”. Is it possible then, that all the mental health issues today are due to the inability of the human being to imagine a future other than the bleak and chaotic one that is being presented to us today? [We encourage you to read our sister website, Covid Call To Humanity to gain an understanding of the Great Reset. Read the three-part article here, here, and here].

This article also explains how we can change our realities. Remember this quote from Maharishi Mahesh Yogi: “Whatever we put our attention on will grow stronger in our life”. Well, this is the scientific explanation of how that happens. Note, however, that despite the science mentioned here, let us not forget the fact that this is only possible if we acknowledge that this can only happen in a world that is both material and non-material [Also read One Field Documentary: Understanding the Nature of Reality and the Interconnectedness of All Things and The Physics of Spirituality].

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