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Interrogating and Shaping the World Through Science

In this conversation, Ainissa Ramirez discusses the impact of science on shaping and understanding the world. Ramirez emphasizes the importance of asking questions, exploring the unknown, and the profound influence of science on human progress and innovation. The conversation delves into the role of curiosity and the scientific method […]

When Einstein Met Tagore: A Discussion on the Edge of Science and Spirituality

The article features a short excerpt of the discussion in the historic meeting between Albert Einstein, the renowned physicist, and Rabindranath Tagore, the Nobel laureate poet, philosopher, and musician. Their meeting took place in 1930 and explored topics related to science, philosophy, and the nature of reality. Einstein held a […]

What is Social Threefolding and Why Is It Integral In Today’s Society?

In this 2023 journal article, Matthew David Segall looks at Rudolf Steiner’s proposal for the three-folding of society and its relevance in today’s world. The three-folding concept differentiates economic, political, and cultural domains to promote clarity and healthy development in each area. The article argues that such differentiation can help […]

Emotionally Drained? Here’s One Method You Can Use To Neutralize Your Emotionally Draining Reactions

This article by Joe Martino of Collective Evolution discusses a proven technique for managing and neutralizing draining emotional reactions. It explores the idea that emotions can be influenced by our thoughts and beliefs and suggests a method called that utilizes heart-focused breathing to address and alleviate negative emotions. Editor’s Note: […]

Study: Loving-Kindness Meditation Slows Biological Aging & Protects DNA Strands

The following article was written by Arjun Walia and was published by The Pulse last December 27, 2021. In this article, Walia discusses the results of a study exploring the effects of loving-kindness meditation on biological aging and DNA protection. The research suggests that engaging in loving-kindness meditation practices can […]